LED lighting retrofit, refurbishment and installation

If you are looking to make the switch to a greener, more cost-effective light source that still shows off your products as they deserve, we can help.

Our LED installations will also save you money and reduce hassle.  

Our long experience with LED, partnerships with top LED manufacturers and 100% commitment to your brand means that we will always find creative, reliable and safe solutions for LED lighting that will display your products in the very best light.

As specialist commercial LED lighting installers, and experienced LED lighting retrofit contractors, we can cover everything from design and installation of a complete LED lighting retrofit, to repair and refurbishment of existing LED lighting displays.

We can also undertake a 'soft re-lamp' as part of a regular Proactive Maintenance programme.  

We also cover additional lighting, power and data points.

After each installation, you’ll get a full report signed by a member of staff, with all used consumables itemised and re-ordered automatically so they are ready for our next visit.

In other words, we’ll take care of everything, and never leave you in the dark - just trust LUX.

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