As a busy Store or Restaurant Manager, all you really want to know is when we’ll arrive, what we’re doing and most importantly, when it’s done.

Whether the job is part of our regular Proactive Lighting Maintenance Service, a new lighting installation, or an urgent call-out, that's exactly what we do.

We're experienced in working with high-end stores and restaurants like yours.    We're discreet, personable and considerate of your store, your products and your customers.

Our Proactive Lighting Maintenance Service minimises the visits we need to make, while maximising the performance of your lighting.

You get a full report after each job, signed by a member of staff, with all used consumables itemised and re-ordered automatically so they are ready for our next visit.

If we can’t finish a job, we’ll explain why, and tell you when you can expect to see it done.

If you're in London, and you need us urgently in between regular maintenance visits, we can be there in a flash.

We’re on your team – just trust LUX.