Proactive Maintenance

We don’t do planned lighting maintenance or planned electrical maintenance.

We do better than planned - proactive - lighting maintenance and electrical maintenance.

That means:

Regular early morning visits to proactively test, upgrade and replace store and display lighting, back of house lighting and safety lighting.

We keep an eye on everything, spotting what you are too busy to notice – a behind-the-scenes ambassador for your brand.

You get a full report after each job, signed by a member of staff, with all used consumables itemised and re-ordered automatically so they are ready for our next regular maintenance visit.

If we can’t finish a job the same day, we’ll explain why, and indicate when we expect to be able to complete.

If you're in London, and you need us urgently in between visits, we can be there in a flash.

In other words, we’ll take care of everything, and never leave you in the dark - just trust LUX.