Post-installation Audit

If there are failures in the first year of a lighting installation or even a lighting retrofit, it can be difficult to get the original contractor team back in, simply because they are usually set up for installation, not maintenance, and are quickly moved on to the next job.

With our Post-install Audit, we take care of that for you, and tell you how to handle the deal, so the cost can be covered by your retainer.

We offer:

Quarterly or half yearly early morning visits to monitor your lighting snagging problems within the first year of installation.

We keep an eye on everything, spotting what you are too busy to notice – acting as a kind of behind the scenes ambassador for your brand.

A full report after each job, signed by a member of your staff, with all used consumables itemised and re-ordered automatically so they are ready for our next visit.

In other words, we’ll take care of everything, and never leave you in the dark - just trust LUX.