We select everything we use in our lighting against one simple criterion:

Will your products be displayed as they should be? As you envisaged?

We know how much effort you put into designing your displays, so with our Proactive Lighting Maintenance Service we minimise the time they aren't lit as you would want them to be.

We bridge the gap between design and implementation, helping you and your designers turn vision into practical reality.   That means if your lighting isn't working as you expected, we can track down the root cause and fix the problem quickly.

But we don't stop there, whenever we visit one of your stores, we act as a kind of behind the scenes ambassador for your brand, on the lookout for anything that would detract from your brand, often spotting what store managers are too busy to notice, and bring it to their attention as soon as we notice it.

We also design, source and install special lighting fixtures and fittings for one-off events.   We can create lighting installations for pop-ups, exhibitions, private views and special events, in any kind of location, from outdoor venue to exhibition hall through to intimate hotel space.

When you want it lit right, not just bright, we're the people to call.

We love lighting up products almost as much as you do  – just trust LUX.

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